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The Origin of Olympus

Olympus was not born as commercial software. It was created to deliver consistent, repeatable results for condition monitoring teams around the world. When reliability engineers and analysts were providing reports, one thing became clear, many customers were doing FMEA and RCA on the same assets.

Standardizing the capture of information, codifying it, and making it available internally provided a level of consistency and accuracy, not to mention speed to resolve issues and eliminate defects.

When customers would look over the shoulder of the team, they were impressed by the breadth and depth of information captured. Some began to ask how they could incorporate this knowledge into their systems and leverage it to train their teams. From there, we launched Olympus.

If you're frustrated by equipment failures, a growing backlog, or solutions that promise big results but aren't delivering, let's discuss options developed by a team with decades of focus in improving reliable operations.

Software Solutions


$30,000 per year

  • Up to 100 pieces of equipment
  • Includes Bronze Advisory support for year 1
  • *Continued Bronze Advisory included with a 3 year deal*


$50,000 per year

  • Up to 200 pieces of equipment
  • Includes Bronze Advisory year 1 
  • *Continued Bronze Advisory in year 2 for an additional $2,000 per month*
  • *Bronze Advisory Support included with a 3 year deal*


$120,000 per year

  • Up to 500 pieces of equipment
  • Includes Silver Advisory Support for year 1
  • *Continued Silver Advisory included with a 3 year deal*

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